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Hello Mr.Waynee ! 


My name is Samantha Vasquez and I was one of your students a very very long time ago! I just wanted to share something with you that occurred during my college experience! I applied for a program on my campus called BEAT (Biola Ethnic Advancement Team). It is a volunteer program in which we basically work with admissions and participate in college fairs, speak at local high schools, and generally just promote our university. Although it is not a job we do receive a pretty nice scholarship at the end of the semester. When I went in for my interview I used an incredible skill taught to me by a very wise teacher. I came in with my resume and my laptop open to my weebly website. When the person interviewing me saw my website they were completely blown away, everything the interview asked was answered by something on my weebly page.The interviewer then asked me to send her the link of my website and to check my emails for any updates about my acceptances. Later that week I received a phone call .............. I GOT INTO THE PROGRAM! I wanted to share this because I know some students don't take creating their website very seriously. I'm hoping you can share my story and let them know these websites do help because no one has them! They make students stand out immensely and do make a difference in terms of acceptances! 


Thank you, 

May the Force be with you 

former student, graduate of 2018 attending Biola University




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Matthew Waynee

Media Arts Teacher


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Jelerine Venadas-Douglas

Cross-Country Coach

(P.E. & Science Teacher)


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English Teacher


Teacher of the Year LA Times Festival of Books

Aalaneja Stelly

Kindergarten Teacher




I wish you were my second mom

2nd grader to her teacher


If it weren't for him, I would probably be failing

6th grader to administrator


Thank you for putting up with my rage and never giving up

graduating senior to English teacher


Had it not been for you, my daughter would not be on this earth today

parent to assistant principal


You guys are the reason I am a teacher and a success

former student to counselor & AP