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• Welcome back students from spring break

• How's the school doing? Complete the School Experience Survey. Link in Resources section below


• Julker Khan, 10th grader, has been awarded the 2015 Christopher Warren scholarship.  

• Congratulations to Olivia Smith, our 2015 POSSE winner.  4-year scholarship to Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

• Congratulations to Dr. Purcell, 1st grade teacher, for having two articles published in School Arts Magazine "Graffiti Echoes" and "ArtWise, LikeWise."

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usc8 2012-10-09 08.58.20.jpg 2012-10-09 08.53.12.jpg 2012-09-12 08.59.02.jpg 2012-09-12 09.00.19.jpg 2012-09-13 10.52.23.jpg 2012-09-12 09.04.11.jpg 2012-09-13 13.23.38.jpg 2012-09-27 08.18.46.jpg 2012-09-24 15.19.41.jpg 2012-09-25 18.39.22.jpg 2012-09-27 08.20.22.jpg IMG_0553[1].JPG 2012-09-28 12.53.47.jpg IMG_0555[1].JPG 2013-01-14 08.37.29.jpg IMG_0608[1].JPG Miles1.jpg Miles2.jpg Miles3.jpg IMG_0687[1].JPG 2013-03-19 12.27.50.jpg 2013-03-19 13.02.48.jpg 2013-03-18 21.10.02.jpg 2013-03-19 10.51.43.jpg 2013-03-19 07.37.47.jpg 2013-03-19 10.52.04.jpg 2013-03-19 09.28.53.jpg 2013-03-19 09.47.50.jpg 2013-03-19 10.48.30.jpg 2013-03-19 10.20.22.jpg 2013-03-19 09.17.42.jpg 2013-03-19 09.17.49.jpg theatre