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• Complete Meal Application - your child & the school receive multiple benefits (link under Resources)

• 79% of AP Studio Arts students passed AP Exam



• Complete Meal Application - Benefits to school include student access to free meals, additional funds for school, fee waivers for college and AP tests.  Apply here.

• 100% graduation rate.  7 Seniors accepted to UCLA, 2 to UC Berkeley and 1 to University of Pennsylvania.  80% of our students accepted into 4-year colleges. 

• One of our own students, 8th grader William Jae, received a scholarship from the Los Angeles Tenth District Parent Teacher Student Association for his outstanding music abilities.  The scholarship allows William to access music lesson from professional musicians.

• Ms. Douglas featured in LA Times for her dedication to LAUSD/USC CAE and her country.


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I wish you were my second mom

2nd grader to her teacher


If it weren't for him, I would probably be failing

6th grader to support staff

Thank you for putting up with my rage and never giving up

graduating senior to English teacher


Had it not been for you, my daughter would not be on this earth today

parent to assistant principal


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